Buying or renting apartments: which is more profitable?

There have been several debates and discussions about whether buying an apartment is better than renting one. While both have advantages, what would be better for you would depend on several factors. These include your financial situations, your future plans, etc. You have to consider all these factors before you take a decision. Here we have presented the advantages of buying as well as renting apartments in India. Knowing these would make it easy for you to decide whether buying apartments for sale in India is better than renting one.

Benefits of buying apartments in India

Owning your own house is a matter of pride and also a dream come true. Here are some advantages of buying one of the apartments for sale in India.

  • Buying a house is a positive investment that you make in your life. The real estate prices usually go up and the value of your house would be definitely more than what you paid for it, in a few years time.
  • If you stay in a rented house your entire life, you would be able to pay your rent till your retirement. But after that it would become difficult. Hence, it would be best to pay the mortgage while you are working and enjoy the benefits of having your own home after retirement.
  • Once the price of your apartment increases, you can choose to sell it and use the equity as a fund for buying a bigger home.
  • You can increase the value of your apartment by improving and making changes to it. You do not have to seek anyone’s permission for this as you own it.
  • Sometimes, the EMI and rent are the same for an apartment in an area. In such case, it would be better to buy the apartment.

Benefits of renting apartments in India

While buying an apartment is good as an investment, it is not something that everyone can afford. Here are some of the advantages of renting apartments in India.

  • You do not have to worry about down payment or monthly EMI. If you are just starting your career, renting an apartment would be your best option.
  • As a tenant you do not have to worry about the maintenance of the apartment. The owner is responsible for repairs and maintenance work.
  • You only have to pay the rent amount and are not responsible for paying real estate taxes or insurance amount.
  • If you move around a lot, it would be difficult to sell your house immediately. Also, you have to spend money for hiring agents and lawyers for this purpose. These problems do not arise if you stay in a rented apartment.


The answer to the question: which is better, renting or buying the apartments for sale in India would depend on you. Would you be able to afford the loan repayment costs, the down payment, repair and maintenance costs comfortably? If yes, buying an apartment would be a great investment. However, if this is not possible, it would be best to stay in a rented apartment till you are able to buy one.